A few words about our company

Meridian Limo should be your primary destination for all your ground transportation needs. You can easily book and manage rides using one of our three-service classes tailored for each client's needs (Executive, Business, & Economy)

Because we are partners of The Viae Group, (a global limo Alliance), We can provide services in all major cities and airports worldwide through a reliable network of limo partners, and IOs.

So whether you need a limo service in the US or on any continent, Meridian Limo will provide the peace of mind that will make your next ride easy to book, manage, and enjoyable.

Monitored Rides

24/7 Our Dispatchers observe each ride and focus on safety and punctuality.

100% Satisfaction

For each booking, we guarantee our customers complete service satisfaction.


Experienced Team. Focusing on Service, Leadership, Culture, Brand Loyalty, Creativity & Innovation.

Your reliable
event assistant

Meridian Limo has a dedicated team of event experts who will ensure that all your transportation needs will be impeccably executed.

"If you’re overwhelmed by the logistics of event transportation, you’ve come to the right place."
— Veronica Beres, Senior Event Director

Book a ride in any convenient way

Order a ride by phone, email, bebsite, or app, and we will send you a confirmation in seconds.

"Limousine has always been my passion since I entered this
industry. I’m glad that my dream has not only become a reality but
also helps people all over the US to reach the goals they set using
Meridian Limo."

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