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Cesar Tedesco


Cesar is the founder and a principal of Meridian Limo, responsible for managing the company's overall operations. Including delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability, managing company organizational structure and strategy, and communicating with the board. Mr. Tedesco studied Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires.

Laura Vidal

Chief Financial Officer

Laura assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer in 2010 and is responsible for providing strategic financial leadership for Meridian-Viae Group, including ensuring the company's strategy creates value, communicating the company's plans and performance to investors, and implementing a capital structure and financial processes, and controls to support the company's growth and return on investment goals.

Chief Operating Officer

Veronica Beres

Senior Event Director

Veronica is an Event manager professional with a range of experience in roles and with various hospitality companies. Skills include transportation event planning, contract negotiation, budgeting, team leadership, sales, special events, and entertainment management.

Kate Hall

Billing Specialist

Kate Hall is the billing specialist for our business; She oversees credit card charges, sends invoices to clients, and monitors outstanding balances to ensure each account is paid on time and in full. Kate helps our organization track how much money is owed and by whom, often managing numerous client accounts.

Abbey Canosa

Acc. Payable Specialist

Abbey is responsible for the financial processing of transactions for Meridian-Viae Group. Her duties include: Daily bookkeeping and record keeping. Financial reporting. Preparing tax records for financial audits.

"You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.."

Walt Disney

Global Identity

We are part of an international Limo alliance (Viae) that provide services for clients in more than 50 countries. We work from different locations around the planet. Kevin and Kate work with a team in our office in Asia, Veronica and Abbey in South America, and Cesar and Laura in North Carolina, USA.

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